Consulting Services

Bert Davis Executive Consulting Services provides high-value, executive-level consultancy services to content and information-centric businesses in a period of rapid change and industry transformation. Bert Davis handles the biggest risk in managing change: finding the right talent at the right time.


The problems we solve and opportunities we create…

The publishing industry is experiencing a period of rapid transition from product and print centricity to customer and content centricity. The acquisition and retention of the executive talent required to navigate these critical changes is of paramount importance. The core competencies of the new, successful publishing executive include:

  • Leading innovation and experimentation in both product and business model development;
  • Leading cultural and organizational change;
  • Developing  business opportunities from new channels, products, and formats;
  • Mastery of process analysis and process management (e.g., Six Sigma) which enable cost efficiencies, rapid reconfiguration and optimization of core business processes, and agility in overcoming challenges and taking advantages of new business opportunities;
  • Mastery of data and analytics in decision-making at all levels of the organization, especially with regard to customer, content, and discovery-related data;
  • A strategic approach to technology acquisition and deployment from product development to infrastructure management.


How we work…

  • Bert Davis has direct access—through personal contact, an extensive and unparalleled database of top talent, and in-house research capabilities—to the best executive talent in content and information-related industries and has unparalleled success in matching this top talent to the leadership requirements for today’s challenging business environment.
  • Bert Davis has the most recognized brand with regard to talent identification and management in the publishing, media and information industries and thus is uniquely positioned to provide Bert Davis “certified” consultants and temporary executives on assignment.
  • Insider knowledge of available talent in transition. All pre-vetted.
  • Insider knowledge of industry requirements and specific client requirements.
  • Given the velocity of change and the uncertainty of strategic requirements in times of transformation, Bert Davis Executive Consulting Services can provide senior talent on a consulting basis or on temporary assignment to assist in defining strategic direction, creating the trajectory for organizational change, and developing a roadmap for product development, as well as in a wide variety of other urgent business needs and including in extraordinary circumstances that require immediate intervention.
  • Leverages existing Bert Davis administrative infrastructure and excess capacity.



  1. Meet with potential clients to evaluate strategic objectives and match to talent requirements.
  2. Determine short vs. long-term needs.
  3. Develop roadmap for talent acquisition and management including mix of consulting, temporary, and permanent assignments.
  4. Present client with most highly quailed and “certified” candidates/teams.