Executive Search

Bert Davis Executive Search, an executive search firm servicing the publishing, information, and new media industries, has been a leader in executive placement for almost 35 years. Founded in 1977, we pride ourselves on developing and maintaining valuable and long-standing relationships with the leaders in the industry, and providing our clients with the most thorough, comprehensive services in the marketplace. In a period of rapid change and industry transformation, we handle the biggest risk in managing change: finding the right talent at the right time.

We specialize in placing C-level executives and divisional leaders in a wide range of publishing and information markets, including technology, educational, medical, business-to-business, not-for-profit, and consumer. We serve clients ranging from large international corporations to specialized and high-growth organizations looking for the next level of development.

During this time of continual change and technological advancement in the information industry, we have dedicated ourselves to identifying those executives who are at the forefront of successful industry transformation, to tracking top talent from company to company, and to following cutting-edge trends in the industry.

Our rich database is matched by our precision, experience, and systematic search and close processes. Because of our unique methodology and team-based approach, as well as our inside knowledge of the continually changing information industry landscape, our clients and placements return to us again and again for both open and confidential searches.

If you are thinking of expanding your business, finding a new leader for an acquisition, or re-engineering or replacing existing staff, we would welcome a confidential discussion to present ourselves and our work history in person. Please call us at (212) 838-4000 to arrange an appointment.


Our unique methodology places us at the forefront of executive placement.

Each search is unique and requires continual diligence and analysis. Our firm is designed to provide both a customized strategic framework and the critical attention to detail that brings searches to successful conclusions.

Initially, we assemble a team of three executive recruiters, whose tenure with our firm is, on average, 17 years. Under their direction, a team of associates and researchers meets with key client executives to examine the needs of the organization, strategic direction of the search, and critical skills necessary for success. At this point, we establish a position profile and set of criteria for hire which is submitted to the client for review and approval.

By dedicating the manpower of three experienced executives and their team, we are able to search simultaneously in multiple industries, providing the client the opportunity to view qualified candidates who may have worked in diverse segments of the information industry.

By searching our database, networking with industry executives (many of whom are at the presidential level), and targeting competitive organizations, we then develop and submit a group of candidates to the hiring executive for the selection process. We do not introduce candidates to any other client until they have been released from their candidacy for your opportunity. At this point, in cooperation with the client’s selection committee, we establish a priority of top candidates and the interviewing process begins.

Typically, two top candidates emerge during the interviewing process. We then start a comprehensive reference checking procedure.

Once a finalist has been chosen and the individual is prepared to join the organization, we help formulate an acceptable offer, conduct a final reference check, and help the company prepare internal and external announcements for the selected individual.


In summary, this is our six-step process:

  1. Establishing the position description and developing a comprehensive list of qualified candidates representing diverse backgrounds for submission.
  2. Selection by the hiring executives from this initial group, usually three to six candidates scheduled for interviews.
  3. Client interviews group while Bert Davis team continues to seek out additional qualified candidates and simultaneously begins reference checking on candidates successfully interviewed.
  4. Minimum of two candidates brought back for the next round of in-depth meetings.
  5. Reference checks analyzed and substantiated and a front runner is selected.
  6. An offer is formulated and negotiated to a conclusion and acceptance by candidate of choice.

Our emphasis throughout the search is on continuing communication with both client and candidates to discover any potential bumps in the road before they create problems. We are particularly sensitive to potentially troublesome issues relating to relocation, such as uprooting school-age children, cost of living differentials, and spousal concerns. By investigating these issues thoroughly (and repeatedly), there are very few surprises in the end and a high success rate of closing your first choice.


We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our methodology to our clients’ demands.